Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Praxair Also Seeks Major Permit in Memphis

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

One of the companies how building a major facility in Greene County is also seeking state approval to install a 2,100 foot pipeline under a lake in Shelby County to supply a new billion dollar manufacturing venture producing a "very specialized fish food."
Praxair Inc, along with partner Cargill Inc. plans to ship the fish food to customers in Norway.
The application comes as Praxair is constructing a carbon dioxide manufacturing facility in Greene County which includes a controversial 12 mile pipeline from Midway to the Nolichucky River.
The Shelby County joint venture, known as NouriTech Oxygen and Nitrogen Service, needs an aquatic resources alteration permit from TDEC.
TDEC acknowledged receipt of the application for "nitrogen service pipelines' on April 28. According to the application NouriTech had hoped to have the plant in operation by early July, but the state has yet to issue a decision.
The application contends the project "will not cause measurable degradation to water quality."
Under the proposal two pipelines, one 10 inches in diameter, the other 14 inches in diameter, will be used to pipe nitrogen and oxygen from an existing Praxair facility on Riverport Road in Memphis to the new plant on Presidents Island.
In addition to crossing a section of McKellar Lake, the pipelines will pass over an existing Army Corps of Engineers levee.
The project calls for the new pipelines to connect to existing Praxair pipelines.
The application states that the pipeline with be located some 40 feet below the bottom of the lake and extend between 2,050 to 2,100 feet across a section of the lake.
The application states that no wetlands will be involved and the full length of the pipeline will be 5,382 feet, or a little over a mile.
Although another route was considered, the application states that the alternative would involve considerable added expense.
"The proposed path is considered the most economical for all parties involved and with little to no environmental impact," the application states.
The 12 mile pipeline that is an integral part of the Greene County project, has caused considerable controversy with opponents contending it will irreparably harm the Nolichucky River. The Memphis project has apparently attracted little notice.
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