Monday, July 17, 2017

US Nitrogen Drew Some 29 Million Gallons From Nolichucky

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

Belatedly posted reports filed with Tennessee environmental officials show US Nitrogen pumped nearly 30 million gallons of water from the Nolichucky River in May and June.
The monthly reports were not posted on the Department of Conservation and Environment until today although they were dated June 15 and July 10. The monthly reports are required under US Nitrogen's state permit.
A TDEC spokesman said the reports were submitted on time but the agency was delayed in posting them on its Data Viewer system.
The water is piped to and from the river through 12 mile pipelines. A group of local residents has filed a legal challenge to the permit for the pipelines which was granted by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Last week a Tennessee appeals court reversed a lower court decision and ruled that the landowners can pursue the legal challenge in Chancery Court in Nashville.
According to the monthly reports US Nitrogen pumped 18.89 million gallons from the river in June and discharged 8.7 million back in to the river. On only two days, June 5 and June 6, no water was pumped from the river.
The largest volume withdrawn in a single day was 1.4 million on June 17.
On seven days during June there was no water discharged in to the river.
In May the company withdrew 10.435 million gallons from the Nolichucky on 22 days. The company discharged 4.8 million back in to the river during the month.The highest amount withdrawn on a single day was 1.175 million gallons on May 19.

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