Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2nd Violation Notice Issued to US Nitrogen

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

Tennessee environmental officials have issued another violation notice to US Nitrogen, citing the company for failure to submit required test results on its nitric acid plant.
In a two-page letter to Andrew Velo, US Nitrogen's plant manager, James P. Johnson of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, wrote that the required testing data had not been submitted and a formal notice of violation was being issued.
Citing the requirements of US Nitrogen's permits, Johnson wrote, "As of May 4, 2017 the division has not received reports on the RATA or IPTs."
US Nitrogen officials had advised TDEC that it could not meet the deadline and had requested a second extension. TDEC, however, denied the request last week.
"Because the extended deadline to test of April 29 has passed, it will be necessary to put your company on a schedule of compliance to submit the required testing," the letter continues.
The notice, dated May 5, is the second violation notice to the Midway chemical company. In a May 3 notice US Nitrogen was cited for failure to issue annual status reports on time. TDEC said the reports were issued 31 days past the deadline.
In the latest notice TDEC is asking US Nitrogen to propose a schedule under which it will come into compliance by completing the required tests and submitting the results.
"Please propose a schedule for our review outlining when each of the aforementioned  test requirements will be finalized and submitted to the Division of Air Pollution Control," the letter states, adding that the response must be submitted by May 10.
"If you have any information that proves the violation did not occur, or if you have additional information regarding this violation that you would like to submit, submit the information in writing," the notice concludes.
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