Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ruling Expected Wednesday in US Nitrogen Suit

A formal ruling is expected within a day in a suit filed by opponents of a proposed Greene County ammonium nitrate manufacturing facility, which includes a controversial pipeline to the Nolichucky River.
The ruling is expected from Chancery Court Judge Douglas T. Jenkins, who presided over a hearing on the issue Tuesday. The ruling is expected to address what properties the pipeline workers can access.
The plaintiffs had also sought an order barring any work on the pipeline for 14 days. They also challenged the legality of the actions of the Industrial Development Board of Greeneville and Greene County regarding the project.
The hearing came even as work on that pipeline had commenced with Greene County Sheriff's Department personnel on hand.
"Because the construction is in close proximity to a busy roadway, US Nitrogen is working with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office to ensure safety for the duration of the pipeline construction," a statement from a US Nitrogen spokeswoman read.
"Two off-duty sheriff’s deputies will provide routine around-the-clock monitoring of the route, equipment and construction materials. The deputies will also help maintain a safe working environment for the construction team while deployed in the rights-of-way. The cost will be shouldered by US Nitrogen," she added.
The case before Judge Jenkins is just one of several suits challenging the project. Another suit filed last week in Chancery Court in Nashville challenges the legality of the permit for the project issued by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.
The pipeline which will be used to pull two millions of gallons of water per day from the river will run along the rights-of-way of two state highways.

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